Can I get into UGA or GA Tech with this?

I'm a sophomore in high school and so far I've dissapointed myself. My freshman year I really didn't care about high school and I had a 3.2 overall gpa and my core gpa was only 2.75. Last year I took honors bio and honors lit and accel math I. had B's in both honors, a C in accel math. this year is almost over and i took honors lit again which i regret really bad because on level lit i would have an A in... but instead I have a C in honors lit. so I have 2 Ap classes this year and 1 honors and my gpa is a 3.85 and my core is a 4.0 GPA. my freshman year is REALLY REALLY holding me back and I regret everything about it... and I also regret taking honors lit this year which I have a ******* C in because it's ******* impossible. Next year I'm taking 4 AP Classes which include AP Bio, AP Lit, AP History, and AP Environmental Science. I'm estimating my GPA next year to be around 4.0 or 4.2 and my core probably a 4.0. Senior year I'll also have a 4 or 4.2 with a core of 4. The only problem is that I heard colleges don't count a full extra credit for an AP class.. So if I had a 85 in some AP Class, normally it would be 5 points in the GPA scale but colleges would make it a 4.5. so that's kind of a negative because my freshman gpa was really bad.

So if my 9th grade gpa was: 3.2 overall, 2.75 core.

10th: 3.85 overall, 4.0 core.

11th: 4.0 overall, 4.0 core.

12th: 4.0 overall, 4.0 core.

My overall over all years would be 3.8 and my core would be ONLY A 3.6! that seems really bad to me and for UGA... but thats without the .5 credit.. I'm taking a whole credit for an AP class. so that would mean that my gpa is even lower than that! that means sophomore year my overall would be a 3.7 instead of a 3.8. 11th grade my overall gpa would be 3.85... and so on for senior year, but im not sure senior year because i don't know how many AP classes i will be taking senior year.

from the looks of it, i dont think i can make uga or ga tech because my gpa seems terribly low. my overall for all years would be a 3.68 overall assuming i get a 3.85 GPA my junior and senior year, and this is with the .5 credit instead of a 1.0 full credit. and my core would probably be around 3.68 also and that seems kind of low to me for these college. I haven't taken the sat or act yet, that's next year. from the looks of it so far, and assuming that my predictions come true, would i make it into uga or ga tech? would i need an outstanding sat score? I also haven't done any extra curricular activies at all. I'm planning on doing basketball next year and i'll probably make it, i've done tsa but thats it... nothing else. not volunteering or anything. can i make it? any suggestions to improve myself so that i can make it? please anything will be appreciated.

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  • 7 years ago

    UGA will take a 3.8 GPA if you have a well-rounded portfolio along with it.

    They took a girl from our school w/ a 3.7gpa but she was involved in several clubs and sports.

    Get out there and do some things!!!!

  • witek
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    3 years ago

    go onto GA 411 and seem to make certain in case you have have been given the properly suited classes for those faculties. i be attentive to my son has to take one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of language to do the degree he needs to do at Tech. attempt to get the GPA up and retake those SAT's. you will possibly have the skill to do it yet you have have been given some artwork to do. according to hazard you may desire to have taken some popular ed or Honors instructions to get your GPA up.

  • 7 years ago

    Most likely yes

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