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The document signed by 101 congressman urging states to refuse compliance with desegregation laws was...?

The document signed by 101 congressman urging states to refuse compliance with desegregation laws was called the:

a) Southern Manifesto

b) Constitutional Preservation Act

c) Freedom Charter

d) American Preservation Act

I could not find the answer in by textbook; none of these acts or charters were discussed. Thank you very much! I would appreciate if you back up your answer with proof from a website or something legit! Thanks again for your help! (:

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    A. Southern Manifesto

    A hundred and one congressmen, mostly conservative Southern Democrats, sign a document forwarded to President Eisenhower that becomes known as the “Southern Manifesto.” The document, formally entitled “The Declaration of Constitutional Principles,” is prompted by the recent Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Supreme Court decision mandating the desegregation of American public schools, and is designed to pressure wavering Southern lawmakers into defying the Court’s decision as part of what researcher Tony Badger will later call “the massive resistance strategy so passionately advocated by the conservatives.” It is read aloud on the floor of the Senate by Walter George (D-GA), and was originally conceived by Senator Strom Thurmond (D-SC) with the assistance of his colleague Harry Byrd (D-VA), though the final version was tempered by a rewrite overseen by Senator Richard Russell (D-GA). The “Manifesto” declares that in certain instances, states are free to ignore federal laws and court decisions such as Brown v. Board.

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