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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesOther - United States · 8 years ago

How long will it take for my friend to get to TX.?

my girl is going off to Tx. soon and she needs a bit of help. She's going over there surprise her boyfriend and she's taking a car the whole way she knows the estimated time to get there not considering traffic or stopping (which stopping she will do). here is the map how where she's going,+Gl...

and here is what she's planning on doing:

from her house she leaves at around 9 AM. from there she goes too Phoenix AR. after getting there she'll take about an hour to about 2 hours break. From there she'll get back in the car and drive too Tucson. From Tucson she's going to Las Cruces, NM. when she gets to NM she'll stop for the night and get some rest. After getting 12 hours of sleep (hopefully) she'll leave the hotel at 10 AM the next morning from there she'll go to Odessa then to Midland then to Abilene and from there get to Richardson TX. where her boy friend is. if u guys out there can help us figure out how long (traffic, stopping, and sightseeing included) to get to her bf's house. and Also for those who live in Tx. in those areas she's gonna stop tell me what places she go to take pictures and stuff if u can that would great. Thanks in advance to those who help.

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    8 years ago
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    A handful of my family members have done the LA to Tampa Bay trip. So, in other words, they would have intercepted the similar path your daughter should be making. Personally, I have used google maps to calculate the time it would take me to travel from PDX to Long Beach, with stops at Santa Cruz and the Redwoods National Forest. Typically the number that google gives you is 100% accurate +/- 60 minutes - if you drive straight through. I know this because I have compared the calculations to a drive - without stopping for anything besides gas/bathroom breaks - from PDX to LA. It was a pretty accurate estimate by google (3x). I think I got home 25 minutes later than its calculation.

    So when you look at her time, of 20 1/2 hours you add + 2 hrs for break, 12 hrs for sleep and about 3-5 hours for everything else. If she follows the time religiously, you get a number of 37-42 hours. But, as kids normally deviate from the average, you should expect her to be there (if she stops for 12 hours of sleep) anywhere from 36-43 hours after her departure from LA. I would just recommend she stop for her breaks and naps during rush hour. If she follows a schedule and limits herself, she can easily tune it to 35-38 hours.

    **Note, prior to her departure, make sure her vehicle fluid levels are fully checked. I left in a car that was fairly new and no problems and I ended up running into having to get oil for some odd reason (first time my car ever had that in 3 years). It became a healthy reminder to me that even if you have a nice new car, it can still have nice new problems.

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