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I need help with dating..?

my first ever ex cheated on me while we were dating. we dated for 3.5 years. she was dating another guy at the same time. She was seeing someone online while we dated. i could give you all the details.(its extremely sad) but i wont because itll be too long. im 19 years old almost done with my first year in college. Im 6ft 150 pounds on a good day.

What do i need to do to seem appealing to girls? I have a great personality. looks...welll 6-7 on the 10 scale for looks unfortunately.

ive been trying to work out throughout the year when i can.

I am nervous to date again, but at the same time. I feel so ready for it especially that my ex did what she did. It makes it easier for me to date again, because i have no reason to wait a certain amount of months to respect the relationship. There is this one girl i have strong interest in from 3rd grade when her and i first met till 9th grade. my ex never respected the relationship at all it seems..

What can I do, to make myself attractive in the "market"?

I'm this really good guy who got screwed the heck over by an immature girl(shes too immature to be called a women). Tons of people from my hometown, were pretty happy we broke up and a lot of my friends knew she was not good for me


She was my first ever girlfriend.....yeah i know. your first ever girlfriend and it ended so horribly like a nightmare. Like its a long long story but when i tell everybody all the details. All they can say is "omg.....and there jaw drops and they are confused as i am"

I havent dated in forever. I have struggled with girls in the past because i was always put in the friendship zone.

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