Can anyone tell me where I can find a body size/shape chart for Guild guitars?

I have a Guild D-150 but I was looking into getting something a little different just for kicks (i.e. smaller, bigger or different shape and/or different woods). Obviously I'm familiar with their dreadnaught, plus I've played their M-120 which is their concert size, but I can't find anything online whatsoever in regards to the rest of Guild's body shapes and none of the music shops near me carry them.

I was very pleasantly surprised to get such a great guitar in the D-150 for what I paid, so I'm really curious about the orchestras and grand orchestras. How do their sizes/shapes compare with the dreadnaught?

Thanks in advance!


I have put in many web searches as implied above.. "...can't find anything online whatsoever...". Thanks for READING.

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    Here's a page with dimensions for some of their common sizes. I'm sure you could find more if you googled terms like"guild guitar sizes" (that's what I used). Or search for "[model number] dimensions". They are rather infrequently referred to by the names you used - in fact, I had to check the Guild site just now to find out if they used that naming system at all.

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    The internet

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    Their website

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