Dream about car crash?

Last night I dreamt I was in a car crash. My aunt was driving I was in the passenger seat and my best friend was sitting in the back seat with my little cousin. We made a left turn and a huge truck came and crushed the passenger side of our car. I was ok and so was my aunt but my little cousin died and my best friend had bruises and other injuries. What do this mean? I wasn't hurt at all and why was my best friend in the dream? Why did my cousin die? Could this be a premonition? Anyone have any answers please!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Dreams oftentimes show what you are stressing about or have seen about in your life.

    Does your cousin wear your seat belt while in the car? I have always been the person that makes everybody wear their seat belt while in the car.

    I highly doubt that this is a premonition, but it could be. People die and life goes on. I remember I had a dream about going to a college. And guess what? I thought I would NEVER go there. The dream made absolutely no sense and I dismissed it. I remember writing about it in my journal. But when I walked into my math class a year later, the teacher that I was having, was in my dream. Weird huh?

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