Do I need to Replace the TPS on this 99 Saturn SC1?

I recently got check code that said the Idler air control valve needed to be replaced on my 99 Saturn SC1 and so the only way I could to it was removing the throttle body. So I to took it off and cleaned out all the carbon out of the throttle body and then I put the new IAC and a new mounting gasket and connected everything correctly and started car. Now the car revs up to about to just under 3 and after a few it idles a little above the 1 and it's running rough and I can smell a little fuel. It's not throwing any new codes, so do you think it could be the TPS sensor?


I took this vehicle into the shop for something else and the owner of the shop was cool enough to tell me I could just take could car home and fix the part myself, which was relatively easy. I am not a stranger to working on my own cars. If I don't have the proper tools I won't work on it so that being said the car was hooked up to a 10,000. machine that specifically pointed out that IAC sensor. after replacing which it needed it is now running differently but equally bad. I recently had the manifold gaskets replace so i'm sure it is not that. That's why I was asking if it could the Throttle body position sensor?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The TPS would show up in a TROUBLE CODE< adn you most likely have BAD INTAKE GASSKET aND MAYBE EVEN A BAD INTAKE manifold ITSELF! tYPE dexcool INTO "bing" AND SEE WHY gm WAS SUED INTO BANKRUPTCY! enARLY all THEIR ENGIEN DEVELOP DISSLOVED intakes AFTER THE WARRANTY IS UP! onLY A few OF THE THOUSHANDS OF TROUBLED ENGINES GOT REPAIRED! aND YOUR iac DID nto REALLY NEED REPLACEMENT, JUST CLEANING up (SORRY THE CAP LOCK STUCK!) ALSO remove the EGR valve and clean it up and check the PCV vavle and PCV hoses! i have reapired LTOS of thsoe things. USE BOSCH IRIDIUM PUGS for more power and economy! The AUTOTECH World has changed a LOT since 1999!!! IRIDIUM Plugs give more power and better running! REMOVE OLD PLUGS and check them for discoloration on the TIPS! I would also suggest having NEW HEAD BOLTS installed on that engien as a matter or TIME anduse! The 1.9 engien is VERY GOOD and was co-engineered by JAPANESE and GERMAN engineers! RUN AMSOILPOWER FOAM through all vacuum ports, adn the IAC as well! GOOD LUCK!!

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't think the original code said anything needed to be changed because the codes don't say that, they ONLY point to the sensor that is reporting a problem.

    The problem can be something else but YOU decided to change a sensor, without the proper testing.

    Sounds like you now have an intake manifold gasket leak.

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  • 7 years ago

    gasket leak

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