House for rent in gloucester?

Hi,I currently live in a different city and I want to move to Gloucester,I was searching houses for rent on the internet but they all cost to much,I can pay up to 450 pounds every month with housing benefit paying my rent,but its so hard to find a house with my price range,I would even be happy with a flat but I don't want any sharing.Is there a way to find a house or flat with my circumstances?? I will rate the best answer :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    I live in Gloucester myself, it's considered to be a cheap place to live as there are hundreds of small terraced houses... £450.00 a month is the average,however if you're on your own you wont be entitled to that much housing benefit, ...max will be £91.15 a week..about £365.00 a month...any amount over would have to be paid out of other benefits. So you should look for a flat or a areas are Matson, Tredwell and Barton Street (but you may not like these. Dont forget that if you're on benefits you'll still need a months rent in advance , a month's rent as deposit and a guarantor, if you really want a cheap place I'd say...come down here and look at ads in Shop windows or look in our local paper, "The Citizen" as there's quite a lot of accommodation in there.

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  • Amy
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    7 years ago
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