What are some of your favorite Korean dramas?

I love Korean dramas! My favorites are Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, You're Beautiful, and Full House. I've seen more, these are just my favorites. I started watching k dramas about a year ago. So I haven't seen that much. What about you, what's your favorites? Also, are you watching any dramas currently? :) (I'm currently watching You're the Best Lee Soon Shin)

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    My first ever Korean Drama was "My Princess". I only started watching it one day on Netflix because I was bored and actually came across it. Then I got hooked on watching it and finished it pretty much all in one day. I started then to search for others on Netflix (but at the time they didn't have that many on it) and couldn't find any. Later I came across "Lie To Me" on Netflix and watched it and then from them on I started just looking for other sites to watch these dramas on. I became lucky and found more and just began watching them one after one. I proudly say I'm an Asian Drama Addict! I watch Korean (fave), Taiwan, Japan, & China and pretty much just stick to those.

    Currently I am also watching "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin". It has my guy from "The King 2 Hearts" in it and so of course I'm watching it...LOL!

    Also, I have so many fave dramas it would be hard for me to list them all but I will give you a few...

    Secret Garden

    Arang & the Magistrate

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

    King 2 Hearts

    Love Rain

    The Nice Guy


    Personal Taste

    Full House

    Full House Take 2


    Queen In Hyun's Man

    The Princess' Man

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    Rooftop Prince

    The Moon That Embraces The Sun

    Flower Boy Next Door

    Cheongdamdong Alice

    Spy Myung Wol

    Goong/Princess Hours

    ...and so many others!!! Its nice to meet fellow drama lovers! :)

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    Full House was the first romantic comedy korean drama I saw, and it was then I began to watch them.

    Some of the best dramas I've ever seen:

    - Boys Over Flowers

    - You're Beautiful

    - Dream High

    - Rooftop Prince (about time travelling. although I didn't like the ending much. The second episode was amazing)

    - Nice Guy (it's not comedy! I watched it when I was tired of cliche plots)

    - Giant (not comedy either. And it's too long (60 episodes)

    - You've Fallen for me (It doesn't have much of a plot, but it's heartwarming, and I love the main actor and actress)

    At the moment, I'm watching some anime series for a change. But I've downloaded "May Queen" and "7th Grade Servant" to watch later.

  • 8 years ago

    1. City Hunter

    2. 49 Days

    3. Bachelor's Vegetable Store

    4. Secret Garden

    5. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

  • 8 years ago

    I liked Boys over Flowers and You're Beautiful a lot some years back, now my taste changed a bit. I still like them but they are not my best best ones anymore.

    My latest update of favourites are :

    -That Winter The Wind Blows

    -Nine: 9 times time travel (still airing but every episode is with a lot of suspense and mystery and romance (ofc) ~)

    -Arang and the magistrate

    -Gu Family Book ( still a very new drama but got a lot of potential, it is like a mix of My girlfriend is a gumiho and Arang and the magistrate)

    I love historical,romance, mystery, fantasy dramas mostly~

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