Good superhero names?

Im writing a short story about superheros and i need some help with some names

heres a brief background on the characters to help

1. The lead, a supergirl who has most of supermans powers, but also has freeze powers, levitation, and heat vision. She wears stars on her costume like wonder woman

2. A girl who fell into a vat of toxic waste, and was ressurrected by a magic spell, she comes back as a revenge seeking monster with jean grey powers and fire related powers.

3. Another girl, this time knocked out by a gamma ray explosion, and put into a coma, then awakes with super strength, and advanced fighting skills.

4. A boy born with super abilities, mostly super speed, and super strength. Falls for the lead girl.

5. A guy from a parrellel dimention, who doesnt have super powers but is like a ninja and fights like a warrior

Thanks a lot :)

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    1. Suggestions:

    - Omni-Girl(Old school approach)

    - Proxy(Means something along authority)

    Suggesting something diverse or asserting prominence.

    2. Suggestions:

    - Seyfert(Subclass of active galactic nuclei)

    Suggesting something heat related.

    3. Suggestions:

    - The Embower(Means surround or shelter)

    - Embower

    - Behemoth(A brute-like beast)

    - Gi-Ga(Big/ massive)

    Suggesting something that signifies strength.

    4. Suggestions:

    - Jet-Lag(Mind's delay caused by transportation into different time zones, also refers to the name "Jett", and refers to "lag", which refers to speed.)

    - Mach(Speed measurement)

    Suggesting speed related names.

    5. Suggestions:

    - Man of Morgue

    - The Diminisher

    - Phain(Can be pronounced "Pain" or "Fain"; as a shortened derivation from the word Phainopepla, which is a black bird.)

    Referring mysterious names.

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