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RHH: Thoughts on CyHi The Prince?

Just recently got into him, I like most of his stuff so far

BQ: If I hosted a tournemant on here, would u be down?

BQ2: What are you listening to?

BQ3: Ask Tyler A Question


@fear yea, u should come back on pal

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    I used to like him back when I first heard him on the GOOD Fridays songs. He had a fun personality and a few dope punchline here and there. But after I checked out his solo stuff, turns out I only really enjoy him as a guest artist and little else. His last two tapes were pretty bad imo. But he actually did a dope verse on Sin City so I know the guy can still be good when he wants to.

    BQ: Sure, but that's a big responsibility. You're gonna need to have the time necessary to organize the tournament, make updates, answer any questions and post the battles as scheduled. Then you need to be able to make quick and effective decisions in case anyone doesn't turn in their verse on time, handle any disputes between participants, count the votes (or rather, know which votes not to count), deal with trolls and deletions, etc. There's a lot you need to know in order to make a good tournament, speaking from personal experience.

    BQ2: Nothing atm but I was just listening to 4evaNaDay.

    BQ3: What is the most offensive joke you've ever heard?

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  • 7 years ago

    He's not very technically impressive but I still like him for the most part.

    BQ: Depends. What kind of tournament are we talking about?

    BQ2: Nothing.

    BQ3: Why?

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  • I like his music.

    BQ. Sure what kind of tournament?

    BQ2. Im listening to new Kid Cudi Indicud album. Its dope. Also like kdot alot. best rapper right now.

    BQ3. What are you top 5 favorite music artists?

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  • LAzY
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    7 years ago

    Dope a little underrated on here tbh

    BQ: Nah

    BQ: The Show Goes On-Lupe Fiasco

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  • 7 years ago

    his last tape was kinda lame, don't think he's very good.

    BQ: already answered.

    BQ2: nothing.

    BQ3: Have you ever listened to Nick Drake? Thoughts?

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 7 years ago

    I loved him when he first came out on GOOD, but I haven't heard much of his new stuff

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