Good title for my revenge/crime film?

Here's my idea,

Two cops, both placed in comatose by a shootout, awaken 4 years later and only to see their city bought out by a local crime lord, Ty Coon (I'm not too creative with names, cut me a break). They decide to "clean the city's slate" by taking out separate cells of Coon's division's, and work his way up to his house, posing as security and then wipe out the surviving gangsters.

If it sounds cheesy, please tell! Give me some notes, and what is a good title, please? Thanks a bunch! I really want to get into the crime film business!

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. Back Beat (like the music, but also referencing that this is a return to the beat (policework).

    2. Bringing Back The Past - as they are trying to recover the world they knew prior to their coma.

    3. Repeat Defenders - play on words to repeat offenders. These are defenders that were "put away" for some time and are now on the street and back to what they were doing before - fighting crime.

    4. Heaven, Hell & Four Years In Purgatory - heaven being before the coma, hell is the time after, and the coma itself was purgatory.

    5. Rising Angels - they were "dead" and now they are back and a rising force of good in a dark world.

    6. Rude Awakening - referencing the shock of the world they wake to.

    7. Partners In Time - extend the timeline a bit and make them cryogenically frozen instead of just a coma.

  • 8 years ago


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