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Purpose of the electoral college?

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    In a nutshell, it was created to keep the larger populated states from always choosing the President and Vice President. It gave smaller states a voice in the process.

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    The electoral college is there to give all States a say in the President instead of just the large urban areas dictating how everyone should live. That is why our government is set up the way it is.

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    To vote for President. If you're in an "advanced placement" class, I'm the King of France.

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    The writers of the Constitution didn't care much for "democracy." By creating the electoral college, they made the president be elected by the states, not by the stinky unwashed mass of demes (Greek root of Democracy). Note also that until the 17th Amendment, US Senators were elected by the state legislature, not by the citizens of the state. Government of the Privileged, by the Privileged, for the Privileged. By Privileged, of course, We mean rich white Anglo-Saxon males.

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