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Correct Italian translation for beautiful wound?

Can anyone provide the correct translation. I have seen Bella Ferita and Ferita Bella. Some sites even said there was no translation. Wound would be in the sense of being hurt, wounded, damaged. This is for a tattoo I would like to get.

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    Italian often has the adjective after the noun, but in this case, "Bella Ferita" sounds better than "Ferita Bella".

    Anyway, if you mean "scar", it becomes "Bella Cicatrice", which is even better for a tattoo.

    You can also change "bella" with "splendida" (wonderful/shining).

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    Bella ferita.

    Source(s): I'm italian
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    Hi it should be: ferita bella. Italian usually reverses the order of modifiers and objects ----- the reverse of English. Example:- In English it is “beautiful fashion” but in Italian it is “moda bella’ (“fashion beautiful"). I am not a native Italian.

  • 7 years ago

    bella ferita

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