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My friend might have an eating disorder?

My friend has barely ate anything in 3 months. She lives off of soda and water. She says that's her "meals for the day". She's so depressed & stressed and complains of no appetite. Does she have an eating disorder? Would this be considered one? She eats very little in front of people and mainly just drinks soda and water to "fill" her stomach.

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    If she is an anorexic she's not a very smart one. Soda is terrible for diets even the zero calorie ones. It leeches out more minerals than it gives. Buy salads with her and tea. At least she'll get some nutrients even if there are no calories. Whether she agrees to switch or not she needs help. She shouldn't be left to go on like this. Ask her parents if they noticed anything and maybe organize an intervention. Try not to sound confrontational or accusing.

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    you can check her teeth in the enamel is worn away then she might be bulimic, if she barely eats anything and looks thin, like worryingly thin then go tell an adult the "filling" of her stomach could lead to malnutrition and a shut down of the body. but the best thing to do is just ask her and give her support she might admit to haing a problem if she knows you are trustworthy

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    Take your friend to the hospital and get her help! It's the best you can do if you truly are her friend!

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