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Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 8 years ago

I'm sick of my cna class?

Class is like Highschool, you have the preppy stuck up and then the ones who will talk to anyone. I'm the second group, I hate my teacher. She treats the preppy ones better and treats the rest of us like we don't have a lock of sense. Cna is certified nurses assistant. I'm in clinicals now and I'm always nervous. I understand the teacher is there to help but she points out the smallest things we do wrong. The oter day I was assisting the resident and she literally almost fell. So I caught her and slowly say her down cause we were near the chair. The only thing the teacher worried about was the mark on the wall from the recliner. Not about the resident it seemed and that pissed me off, I only didnt want the resident to get hurt. She has the few of us saying that a resident is not safe with us and wanted me to have an extra person for transferring just to a wheelchair. I'm sick of this ***** and gonna bring it up on her evaluation. Her lack of confidence makes me have low confidence also she just jumps in and does my task for me when she thinks I'm doing it wrong. Anyways end rant. I'm on my own tomorrow, can someone give me advice for a resident or steps?


Dsl stfu it's called venting and if it was you in my position right now you'd be the same way. K?

Update 2:

Nikki your right I should have. I already kick myself for doing cna, but it's a start.

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    Unfortunately, CNA is a fairly low-end skill, often offered at low-end schools, and it generally attracts rather low-end teachers.

    If it is too late to withdraw and get a big refund, suck it up and go on. It is a good stepping-stone skill. Don't waste time with bad reviews unless it is something worthwhile to mention. It feels good to vent, but too much venting can affect your attitude.

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    8 years ago

    Wow. Quit whining and suck it up. Lots of transfers require two people, some require 3 or 4 aides & nurses. CNA school is short, a career is long. Learn everything you can, pass your exam and move on. I was an aide before becoming an RN - you won't love every teacher and they won't all love you, but being a sensible person and hardworking student is always the right thing to do. And pointing out small mistakes is her job - you will have people's lives in your hands (literally) and the skills portion of your test leaves no room for error. You don't see it now, but by pointing out your errors, she's giving you an opportunity to fix them.

  • 8 years ago

    You should of went for an Lvn instead they make more money

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