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Latin translation please!!!!!?

Deus Sol primus adulterium Veneris at Martis vidit, quod semper Omnia primus videt. Qui, magno dolore affectus, Vulcano, filio Iunonis, maritoque Veneris, furtum atque locum furti quam celerrime demonstravit. Quae *** Vulcanus aduivisset, palluit et statuam auream, quam callide sculpebat, statim omisit. Deinde ira commotus, diu in officinal laborabat; tandem, catenis gracilibus ex aere excusis, retia perfecit ut laequeis subtilibus amantes deprehenderet. Haec retia, quae tanta arte facta sun tut tactus leves momentaque parva sequerentur, Vulcanus in lecto Veneris collocavit. Postquam Venus, exor Vulcani, *** adultero Marte in lectum conscendit et Mars, veni mea Columba, exclamavit in mediis amplexibus retibus subtilibus implicate sunt. Quos *** vidisse, Vulcanus ceteros deos arcessivit ut flagitiumm patefaceret. Di, Venerem Martemque conspicati, valde deriserunt.

If anyone can help that would be awesome

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  • Tweek
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    8 years ago
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    It's too long since I did Latin to translate all that even if I wanted to.

    However, I can see at a glance that this is to do with Mars cuckolding Vulcan by messing around with Venus.

    From memory, not translation, the story went that Venus, the most beautiful goddess who was goddess of love, was married to Vulcan, the god of metalwork and blacksmiths, by order of Jupiter. But Venus wasn't that happy about it because Vulcan, although strong, was a bit funny-looking and lame. So she had affairs, notably with Mars, the dashing god of war.

    (By the way: Vulcan gives his name to volcanoes, because of the idea that Vulcan was working at furnaces underground, having been rejected from Mount Olympus. Mars and Venus, as well as being the names of planets, gave their names to things to do with war and love, such as martial arts and, er, venereal disease.)

    Anyway, Vulcan finds out about the affair and is sad and angry. He thinks how to get his revenge and does so by making a chain net and suspending it above a bed so that when Venus and Mars make love it falls on them and traps them. Vulcan then calls in the other gods to laugh at them.

    So that's the basic story you're looking for. You might also try plonking the whole thing into Google Translate. It does do Latin, but has no grasp of grammar so you get a sort of word salad.


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