How much money does it cost to build my own flower shop in new york city ? 10 point?

i wanted to work in in flower shop but now i realize that if i work in flower were i have a boss i would not made enough money so i decide that is better for me to build my own flower shop were i am the boss and hire people to work so that way can make enough money for my self , my family, and my house rent. so please if you can you add the days, month, or year that it will take build in a medium flower shop. by the way i am 17 year old. so please answer this as soon and fast as possible.


my own flower shop is going to a medium shop.

the place that is going to be is own 163 third avenue.

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    Luz - I admire your ambition but you are clueless. First you can not "build" anything in NYC. You will have to rent a store front. Even a small one will cost you Thousands each month in rent. You obviously love flowers and may even have some knowledge about flowers. You have no business knowledge or contacts for suppliers. What are your floral arranging skills? You have SOOO much to learn before you attempt to open your own business. Unless you have inherited money you also have no financial resources to start. Get a job at flower shop. Learn every thing you can. Establish contacts with wholesalers. Research the real estate market in your area. At the very least get an associates degree in business, preferably a bachelor's degree. Attend every lecture and take every course you can find on flower arranging. I wish I could take you under my wing and teach you some fundamentals of business.

    Sigh - I love seeing entrepreneurial ambition in young people but I hate seeing young people jump off the deep end with out the proper background, training or knowledge. That is a path to failure. Set yourself up for success instead by getting the education and experience you need.

    Best of luck

    So sorry to burst your bubble but I do know what I am talking about. I turned my passion for gardening into a successful landscaping business that I started from scratch. I started with an old truck, some tools and a lot of back breaking work. For 2 years I lived on PB&J and Ramen noodles. I had saved just enough money to live on (barely) and had established credit to purchase supplies for jobs. BTW - after each job the very first thing I did was pay off my debt. No carry over - EVER. After the second year things started looking up. I had a good reputation and was getting lots of referrals. I also had established maintenance accounts to see me through the off season. I had my business for 10 years. I had to give it up because I was seriously injured in a vehicular accident (broken neck). After 10 years I had not one but 2 new trucks, trailers, tillers, high end tools and a staff of 5 full time employees and IDK how many day laborers. There was a point where I coould have expanded into a larger firm but chose not too. I loved my residential clients and really had little interes in commercial clients. I went from a one bedroom rental apartment to a 3 bedroom house that I paid cash for. Instead of PB&J and Ramen noodles I could afford to cook anything I wanted or eat out in the best restaurants in town. I am female and I was 40 years old when I started my business. I am now 60 and still miss the business but I am no longer able to handle it.

    Anyway - too much ramble. Good luck

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    You just can't go into business on a whim. There is a lot more to owning and operating a business than opening a store and counting your money. You have to keep accounting books to know what you sell and how much profit or loss there is and rent paid. You have to know when to place an order and how much to order. You have to keep track of taxes and if you have an employee you have to keep track of their hours, what is deducted in taxes and what is owed to the government and make out T4's at tax time. There is a lot to know. You just can't go into business on a whim.

    If this is your dream then work for it. Take a part time job in a florists so you learn the business. Go to college and major in business. When You have all your ducks in a row then open your business with knowledge on how to do it. Another thing--it won't be cheap so while you are working toward your goal save your money. It will take a bunch of it to get started. People who start a business work many hours a week because they do everything themselves and yet there are always those who fail so it is not an easy task.

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    south street seaport, the usual touristy sights like empire state building, statue of liberty, the UN, ground zero. go to all of the shops, they're HUGE. times square at night is my favorite. there's this great place called alice's tea cup (based on alice in wonderland). there's a bakery called magnolia that has amazing cupcakes. in my opinion, serendipity is overrated (and my friend's uncle owns it, so.. i don't mind saying that openly haha). central park is a given. you should have a picnic there. go to the museums - i love the frick (even though that's an art collection, not a museum). see a movie in imax if you've never done that. a lot of people love peter luger steakhouse, but it's pricey. get new york pizza for sure! oh and bagels. haha

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    My quote was about $900 with tax. It included 3 BM bouquets, my bouquet, 7 bouts, 30 centerpieces (each table has three vases of different flowers). I really didn't want to spend more than $500-600, but I met with two people, and the lady I chose was SO amazingly nice and helpful and really acted interested in my wedding, so she sold me on it for sure. I didn't mind paying a little extra because of her helpfulness. She met me on a day when her shop was closed, and it was a last minute appointment.

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    This really depends on how big and where it is exactly.

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