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A question about Flower Boy Ramen Shop?

I'm watching the first episode of Flower Boy Ramen Shop

In the first episode there's a girl that I want to know her real name

She appears in the scene that the starring guy appears first

In a plane he is talking to that girl and saying "you have nice lips"

The girl asks him how long have you lived in New York etc

Then the boy stays at her home and leave the next day

Do you know who is she?

And why do they speak English while they're both Korean?

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    Well seeing that they were on a flight from the US, and he did say "good morning" to her first in English, obviously she's going to answer him back in English. If it had been you, would you have immediately switched to Korean when the guy spoke to you in English and was on board a flight from the US? You can't presume that the guy knows Korean just because he's going to Korea.

    As to who she is, I've never seen her as an actress, or if she did, she only had very minor roles.

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