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Fun Things To Do In London!?

Some Ideas? I'm going to london in May The 6th and will stay there for 3.5 days, it's me (16 years old) and my mother.

I want to do fun things in London and not just look at a lot of old buildings and stuff we already have a small list of things:

• Musical (any idea of ​​good musicals)

• London Eye

• Madame Tussauds

• China Town

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    Go to China Town first - you'll find that most of the musicals are right next door, so you can 'window shop' to see which grabs your fancy. Also in and around the West End are a lot of museums and art galleries, including the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and (heading north a bit) the British Museum. All of those are free entry, though may have special exhibitions which cost a bit - probably about £25 to £50 for you _and_ your mother to attend.

    Similarly, there are other museums and galleries - the Tate Britain and Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum (the last three museums all in South Kensington).

    If the weather is any good, then gather together a few snacks and head to one of the parks for a picnic - Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, Regents Park, Greenwich or a few others. If your mother is young at heart, head off to Camden (one of the UK's biggest tourist attractions!)

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    Take the town Boat Cruise to Greenwich from London.. First-rate boating by way of Thames, a glimpse of London historical past and a quality day out at Greenwich.. Get tickets from town Cruise workplace close the enormous Ben. Get in to the boat benefit from the experience to Greenwich (forty five min) See the observatory, Greenwich Market (2 hrs) Spend a while in Greenwich (2 hrs) Take the boat ride back to London (forty five min)

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    You must make it to Camden Market! It's an amazing market with huge variations in booths and vendors. Everything can be found there, from candles to luchador masks. I cannot imagine a trip to London without it!

    Source(s): Visiting London twice.
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    Just read here

    I am Damn sure you would like to do one of top 5 fun things to do in London which i suggested/

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    Pack your money away and stay at home. London is far too expensive, believe me.

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