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Why am I scared of sirens? Like firetruck, ambulance, and police and loud Honks?

Every time i hear sirens, I feel something, like very uncomfortable, fear and I always cover my ears, It is disturbing, Like the sounds of firetruck,police, and ambulance. It is disturbing. I imagine all the tragedy and it scares me. My heart beats faster too.

Like there is this time when i was just reading a book at my room, Then i heard sirens, it is very loud, and another siren comes after the next one. I feel very disturbed, and uneasy, i feel a chill down my spine with cold sweats.

I dont know but, im not scared of this a long time ago, i just realized this months ago ( 2012-2013)

And actually there is something that really affects me.

lately, there's been a shooting in other countries like Connecticut massacre.

9 am at school ( I think but it is morning ) We are having our science lesson, we're actually having a class conversation while we are copying our notes, we're laughing and then suddenly a loud shout from a girl came, and then a big bang. Everyone was quite looking outside the window, then we saw other teachers came out, they look shocked and then they came in again, our teacher went out to check, after a few seconds, she enter the classroom and said emergency, everyone panicked and rushed out. we can see it clearly, since it is just a floor bellow us. My classmates we're shocked, with an open mouth, then a loud siren came. then i came near the bars to check it, i saw 2 females lying near the boy's washroom and covered with blood, It was scary really scary.after seeing a glimpse of their body, my body trembled, shaking and felt cold, I started to cry. My mind goes blank, I cant think anymore, the only thing running on my mind is, What the hell, i have to get out here fast, im scared, i dont wanna die yet, what's happening? get me out here, get me out here please. i keep repeating that, then i saw my friend sitting and crying, i ran into her and hugged her ( i was thinking that if i hide, the killer wont be able to shoot me xD but not funny, thats what i was actually thinking, because i cant see the killer so he might be using a sniper or something ) and then we start to keep moving until we got outside, i cant stop crying, i cant relax, my feet is cold, very! then an ambulance came, which made things pretty serious, when I heard the siren, It feels kinda bit of uneasy, really reallly uneasy. after a few minutes, It was just a DRILL! it was very annooongyyyinng!! no matter how dangerous it is today, they shouldnt did that! what if someone has a heart problem? after we got back to classroom, i cant relax at all, im still troubled, i cant stop crying * it was very embarrassing, it feels like they are staring at me* Then lunch time, I lost my appetite.

and up until now, I still hate sirens, it makes me feel uneasy.

this isnt a trauma or a phobia .-. seriously no. I dont think so,

How can i feel ease?

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    I understand how disturbing the sounds must be for you. Sometimes we as humans tend to relate sounds or smells to certain experiences, so every time you experience the sound it brings back bad memories. I am not a doctor, and cannot tell you what is wrong, however, I did do some research and found something that might be helpful for you to look into.

    Do you find yourself feeling a bit overly sensitive, meaning when certain things touch your skin it irritates you, just as much as loud sounds? If this is the case you could have something called "Sensory Over-Responsiveness". Take a look at this link, it will display a check list of certain behavior patterns, etc.

    Overall, please do not live your life in fear. Just know that you can live without fear, by understanding that you can accept the things and situations in your life that you cannot change, courage to change the things in your life that you can change, such as you and your thoughts, and the wisdom/understanding to know what the difference between the two are. Your spirit did not come to earth to live in fear, rather it came to learn and face fear because it is strong, and wants to learn. Keep smiling, : - )

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    I Hear Sirens

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    I reckon you associate the sound of a siren with the fear you felt during the drill. I reckon you should just listen to sound clips of sirens online and make yourself get used to it.

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    U av naybe encountered that situation with someone u know or dear to u... But its only reminds u pf something bad thats y. Take it easy

    Source(s): Every tym u hear d sound take a deep breath
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    Just think that they are good ppl helping ithers

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    Because that's what they are designed to do... DUH!

    You just seem to be more sensitive to it then others. Some people are just better able to control themselves in dangerous or high risk situations then others. That's all.

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