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What are the leading theories as to the purpose of the 'Grotto' of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

The 'Grotto' is a small cavity found approx half way down the mysterious 'well shaft' of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside it they found a shaped Granite block.

What are the current leading theories as to its original purpose? Please support your answers with sources or links where possible. INTELLIGENT self theories too, but please no idiotic ones!

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    I don't think anyone really knows the purpose of the Grotto for sure...it might have been a storage area for valuables or a decoy burial chamber. And I find the recent internal ramp theory on GP construction by the French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin to be the best explanation of how the GP was built as opposed to other ramp theories or water pump model, Chris Dunn's power plant , ancient aliens, etc..although it may not answer the Grotto issue. The granite block may have served as a blocking plug which was never installed but other stones were used instead.

    Some related info/theories...





    Pyramid construction issues...


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    Houdin's theory....


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    Rolling stones? to ease labor/construction time ...


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    They may also have used stone balls or cylinders to transport/move some stone blocks which are found in numerous man-made artifacts of bowls or vases which were repurposed later...some 40,000 artifacts from one site alone...see first video series on pyramid construction.

    Ancient Aliens Debunked video ...see the video section on pyramid construction techniques...


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    they might incredibly incredibly be man made. The Egyptians outfitted the pyramids to honor their pharaohs and to help them get to the afterlife. They have been an somewhat resilient human beings. Many techniques have been verified that should enable the slaves to transport the textile. Others have shown how they might have carved the supplies. Others have shown how they might have stacked them and geared up them making use of notches. They have been additionally very sturdy at arithmetic. they might have used the celebrities to calculate due North. they might line it up with sticks located vertically interior the floor. To point the pyramids, they probable outfitted a moat around the section, and then leveled off the section interior so as that the water develop into regardless of the exterior in any respect factors. i think of one considerable situation you're lacking is their staggering guy ability. Societies in the present day might cut back back from a job like that, yet they did it for honor and that develop into needed. yet another considerable factor is that it took them an exceedingly long term to construct only one pyramid, a minimum of 25 years, in all probability 30. in the present day's technologies ought to create a pyramid, incredibly incredibly. whether, we don't very own thechronic to undertake this form of activity. No, our cranes does no longer be lots use, yet you get a tractor trailer and build some ramps and you're sturdy to pass. The Egyptians have been neither stupid nor lazy, and we would desire to consistently admire their staggering manpower and could somewhat than defer the greatness of to 'Gods.'

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