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求3個人 有關(衣服)的英文對話

求簡單英文對話 ^_^~~~~THS!


I'm afraid - perhaps on Saturday


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    Clerk: Can I help you?

    Adam: Yes,I'm looking for some shirts.

    Clerk: OK,shirts are over there.

    Lewis: Look,these are good!

    Adam: Yeah! How much are they?

    Clerk: They're $135.

    Adam: Wow! They're a bit too expensive.

    Clerk: Well,this shirt is cheaper.

    Lewis: And I think they're better than the first shirt - I like the color.

    Adam: Can I try them on?

    Clerk: Yes,of course.What size are you?

    Adam: I'm size L.

    Clerk: Thanks.

    Lewis: How are they?Are they big enough?

    Adam: They're too big.Have you got a smaller size?

    Clerk: Not at the moment,I'm afraid - perhaps on Saturday.

    Adam: That's all right.I can come back them.



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    them 請改成then

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