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The ability to taste the drug phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) is attributed to a dominant allele. A non-taster...?

...male marries a taster female whose father was a non-taster. Show your work.

a. State the expected genotype(s) of their children.

b. State what could have been the genotype(s) of this female's mother?

*Start with the genotypes of the parents and then form the gametes of the parents.

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    say the dominant allele (taster) is T, the recessive (non-taster) is t

    the non-taster male has genotype tt

    the taster female has genotype Tt, because her father was non-taster (genotype tt), and she needs one T to be a taster.

    Their children can be Tt or tt , with 50% probability for either.

    the female's mother had one T allele which she passed to her daughter, and that is all we know of her. Her grnotype could have been Tt or TT.

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