Lasik question for the marine corps or army?

so I have a question. I got lasik surgery because my astigmatism was really high and I got it so I can join the marine corps, i got it last thursday and I know I have to wait 6 months afterwards to talk to a recruiter but in three months I have to get a touchup on my right eye so they can eliminate all remaining astigmatism but will I have to wait another 6 months after that or 3 months?


is disqualifying if any of the following conditions are met: 

(a) Pre-surgical refractive error in either eye exceeds + 8.00 to - 8.00 diopters.

(b) At least 6 months recovery period has not occurred between last refractive surgery or augmenting procedure and accession medical examination. 

.(c) There have been complications, and/or medications or ophthalmic solutions are required.

(d) Post-surgical refraction in each eye is not stable as demonstrated by— 1. At least two separate refractions at least one month apart, the most recent of which demonstrates more than +/- 0.50 diopters difference for spherical vision and/or more than +/- 0.25 diopters for cylinder vision; and 2. At least 3 months recovery has not occurred between the last refractive surgery or augmenting procedure.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You have to wait until 6 months after the final procedure. So an additional 6 months after your three month "touch up."

    " At least 6 months recovery period has not occurred between last refractive surgery."

  • aimone
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    4 years ago

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  • ben
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    8 years ago

    seesm its 6 months after any surgery - so you have to wait the whole 6 months again.

    but Im sure you can call and ask them directly just to be sure

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