How can I convince my parents to go to a sweet sixteen party?

Okay so this is my first sweet sixteen party I have been invited too and I really wanna go. But my parents think this girl is a kinda of a bad role model. But a lot of my friends are going but they think it's going to be a bad idea. Any ideas

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  • 8 years ago
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    Honestly, listen to your parents. You might not understand, and it might not be the popular thing to do, but your parents probably see stuff you don't. Experience over emotions. It sucks, I am one to know. But it works out better if you listen.

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  • 8 years ago

    depends how old you are and how much you dont want to lie to your parents;

    old and ok with lying- tell your parents you are sleeping at one of your close friends home and get a friend to drive you to the sweet16

    young and dont want to lie- talk with them, dont make the entire point of the talk about going to the party but more about freedom and trust. then if they say no, maybe the next party you get invited to they will let you

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    4 years ago

    awe yet events are humorous per danger no longer dancing yet only tell ur parents that u fairly dont desire a huge occasion in any respect and only ask if u can invite ur freinds that u desire and by potential of ways u dont sound bratty

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