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Am I depressed, how do I get help?

Okay I'm just going to list my current state of mind and problems I have been having for 5 years now.

I'm always tired.I can sleep a whole day and still be tired I try going to bed early and I'm still tired.

I feel sad a lot of the time for no apparent reason

I've always had quiet low self esteem

I don't really want to talk to people anymore because they just act strange

I can't seem to enjoy the things I love anymore

I get stressed really easily

I used to suffer from bulimia and still to this day I will get random loss of apatite

I just find it difficult to get any motivation to do anything these days, I hate it so much

I feel scared and anxious all the time

I feel quiet useless

I can't sleep easily

I used to self harm but I managed to stop myself

And I did try to kill myself in the past

But to sum up at the moment my life is failing because of this, my teacher called me lazy but it's not that I am I just can't physically get myself moving to do the work. When I do my work I'm not happy with it. I feel quiet fake and I tried to talking to my friends but they can't help.

I try to be happier all the time but it's impossible. I also have IBS which makes my life a living hell and my main trigger is stress so I am constantly ill.

I want help but my mother is a nurse who thinks depression is silly, so I can't go to the hospital. I couldn't bare telling my dad it would break his heart and he would blame himself.

Please what can I do, I really do just want to be happy again.

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    If you tell your doctor about It he might be able to suggest something but I know situations can be difficult so I will tell you what I did. I used to self harm too and I never told my parents about it. So don't worry I'm not going to lecture you about how you should tell your parent because then you will probably ignore my advice anyway! But i pulled my self up and I put my sadness into my artwork you don't have to get up to do you just need a pencil and paper! And now I've recovered and my art work is In gallery's all over the uk! And I'm not a good artist! So don't say you can't because you aren't good at art! I hope this helped or gave you an idea as what to do x good luck! God bless you!

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    Many people have testified that when they died in their hospital bed and came back to life later that they met Jesus, and He told them it is not time for them to be taken, and He sent them back into their body and they were miraculously healed... all to the doctors and nurses amazement. Others who died saw their bodies from above as they left and headed down a dark tunnel where they could see flames and the smell of sulfur ahead. They called out to the Lord Jesus to save them, and He did and sent them back into their bodies to tell others... the doctors and nurses could not believe they came back to life. I have several friends who prayed for such a man who died in a hospital bed, and he came back to life after 3 hours. I also know that man and that this was verified by the hospital as being all true.

    God did not create you to commit suicide. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior, as He died on the cross for your sins. Start reading the New Testament of the bible. Go to the church God puts on your heart to. Live for Christ, and you will find peace and happiness.

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