Please help translating English into Spanish?

I know I should do my work, but right now I'm depressed and I do not want to think... and this is due within 2 hours. I would appreciate your help very much...

Write a letter to a friend or relative in Spanish describing what your typical day is like from morning till night. Be sure and use at least 5 reflexive verbs and include some times. Include a salutation and a farewell. Your letter must have a minimum of 10 sentences.

I want to write... (please include the time in Spanish as well...)

"In the morning, I wake up at 6 A.M. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I go to the kitchen to make my lunch. I go to school by taking the bus. In school, I pay attention in class and hang out with friends. At 1:50 P.M. my school ends. I come home and do my homework. I study if there is a test the next day. I take a shower at night. After taking the shower, I go to bed."

Please don't modify & merge sentences... that is exactly 10 sentences.


I noticed I need to include "sometimes" ...

change "I study if there is a test the next day" into "sometimes I study."

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    Hola Tia Rosa,

    En la manana me levanto a las 6 a.m. Uso el bano para lavarme los dientes. Despues voy a la cocina para hacer mi almuerso. Voy a la escuela agarando el autobus. En la escuela, pongo atencion en la clase y juego con mis amigos. A la una y cincuenta p.m. mi escuela termina. Vengo a mi casa y hago mi tarea. Estudio si hay examen el otro dia y tomo una ducha en la noche. Despues de banar, voy a dormir.


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    Cuando fui para el centro comercial, me fui en busqueda para un camisa ajustada y una correa. Encontre unos tacos altos y azules. Decidi comprar las botas negras y un traje de baño de color claro. Me probre una chaqueta suelta verde. Pague $50 por todo. Utilize un cheque. I would fix it though... Fui para el centro comercial en busqueda de una camisa ajustada y una correa. Pero, me enfrente con un problema cuando encontre unos tacos altos y azules. Aunque me encantaron los tacos, decidi comprarme unas botas negras y un traje de color claro. Luego, me probe una chaqueta suelta verde. Al fin y al cabo, pague con un cheque de $50 por todo lo que habia comprado. Translation: I went to the mall in search of a tight shirt and a belt. But, I ran into a dilemma when I encountered blue high heels. Although I loved the heels, I decided to buy black boots and a light-colored suit. Later on, I tried on a loose green jacket. At the end of my shopping trip, I used a check to pay for everything I had bought, which added up to only $50.

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    in la manana me levano a las 6 A.M......... i voy al bano a sepillar mis diente......... yo voy a la cocina para hacer mi almuerzo....... voy a la escuela tomando el autobus......En la escuela....... yo pongo atencion in la clase y paso el rato afuera con mis amigos..........alas 1:50 P.M. mi escuela termina...... y vengo a mi casa hacer mi tarea........estudio si ahi una prueba el siguiente dia........ tomo un bano en la noche despues tomando el voy a dormir

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