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Why won't my mom let me drive????????????

This is seriously making me angry.....I'm going to turn 18 in Dec. I've been able to drive since November, but she keeps making excuses "I have no money, where would you even go? you don't even go to school (I do online school, but even if i did still go to regular school, she'd tell me there's a bus), you haven't had enough practice (even though I have my license)" I've said so many times I'll pay for myself, my gas, and insurance, I have the money and apart time job, but she for some reason won't let me! Like, WHY?! it's so annoying, I have to buy everything I need from ebay, I could take the dogs out and work on my dogs aggressive behavior by being around more people and dogs, like, I could have maybe even taken extra classes at my old school... I don't get why she just keeps making these excuses, i want to drive, so why not make me pay for it? We aren't poor, we had enough money to spend 3k on a vacation last week. Even when our vacuum cleaner broke, i waited 3 months for her to do something about it until next time I went to the store, I just bought a vacuum cleaner myself, but i can't really do his car stuff on my own, I'm not 18 and she lost the title to my car my aunt gave me.

And If I ask her, she'll make an excuse, and if I say something else, she'll just get mad at me, and she's not trying to "protect" me, she went to live with her bf for a year almost....

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    She has you on some serious lock

  • 8 years ago

    I have the same problem too. I am 21 and have passed 2 years but not driven due to expensive running costs and also parents worry about you as driving can be quiet dangerous. :(

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    Do what you wanna do. Your an adult.

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