Advice on fixing a fish tank?

We have a, I think its 60 - 75 gallons I'm not quite sure, tank that started leaking a while ago. So we drained it and got some aquarium glue and sealed it around the edges of the frame, it still leaked, so I tried to seal the weak spots in the glue and it seemed to work for about a day, then leaked again, wen I drained it out again I noticed that there was a crack on the bottom on the inside along the edge of the frame, so I glued over that a little to help prevent some pressure in the frame so the water wont seep into the frame, guess what, it still leaked. Right now the fish are in a black plastic tub with lids all over it because they were jumping out. I was thinking to just try and seal up the whole bottom of the inside around the crack to double reinforce it. What do u think? Any Ideas?

P.S. just so I’m clear this is at our school animal lab so WE DONT HAVE THE MONEY FOR A NEW TANK!

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  • 8 years ago

    If the tank continues to leak and crack even after fixing it, you may just have to stop using it. You can try to reinforce the bottom by attaching thick plywood underneath the tank but you have to be careful going forward because if the structural integrity of the tank is compromised after you fill it and it continues to crack you could show up one morning and the tank could be completely broken and all your fish will have died. I know you have no funds to purchase another one but I would post an ad somewhere and see if someone could donate a replacement. Even if its smaller, its better than the alternative.

  • buy a piece of glass the same thickness as the glass of your aquarium and slightly smaller than the bottom of your tank on the inside by 5mm or less make sure the edges of this glass is smooth now you will need a very sharp knife and MARINE SAFE AQUARIUM SEALANT SILICONE and a caulk gun first take the knife and cut off any braces on the top of the tank make sure you dont brake it because this will have to be replaced now place the tank on a TOTALLY FLAT surface now use the silicone first cover

    the crack then go round the edges of bottom inside then put 6 lines down the length of the bottom of the tank slide the glass in press it down firmly use a spirit level to make sure its LEVEL then leave to dry then seal round the edges of the piece now replace any braces you removed using the silicone

    to stick them FIRMLY in place and your done

  • 8 years ago

    You're pretty much out of luck. you can keep trying to seal it but it will almost always start to leak again. time to start saving up some money for a new tank

  • 8 years ago

    tank is useless

    use it for lizards etc. it's no good for fish anymore.

    ask kids to go to parents for donations.

    or put up signs

    science class in need of aquariums.

    you'll find people have them and want to get rid of them.

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