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How does it make you feel to know Biggie Smalls was fathered by 2pac?

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and theres plenty more interviews of pac saying he brought biggie up. im pretty sure this shouldnt be new information to you people. but alot of people seem to think big is better than pac. but pac is the one that put big on. Pac is the one that brought all those "big poppa" and "one more chance" bs classic favorite biggie songs. BECAUSE OF 2PAC. and big took the advice pac gave him to heart and made his money and died. but lets not forget whos the daddy here, so you know who sound the best.


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    They are both two completely different people with their own styles. If Pac fathered Biggie it wouldn't really change anything in my eyes because they had their own raps and were both very good. I personally prefer Pac, because of his amazing lyrics, but Biggie has great songs too !

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    4 years ago

    because of the very actuality he's politics... Ever hear what politics fairly mind-set? Poli which skill many and tics being blood sucking creatures for this reason many blood sucking creatures :) JK no longer a wide fan of politics honestly, even if it unquestionably became the BBC contradicting Obama

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    Regardless, I still think Biggie is better. .

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    didnt listen to it

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