If Riku existed what type of personality would he go for in a girl?

If Riku(Kingdom hearts) was real what type of personality would he look for in a girl. I am curious.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hm... I'm almost positive he wouldn't want a girl with tons of energy from what I've seen in his interactions with Shiki and Kairi, both whom have that personality. He only sees Kairi as a sister in my eyes, and he even said himself to Shiki that he was bad at interacting with girls (0.o WHO would have thought THAT about RIKU?) the first time they met.

    And around Namine and Xion, who are both more of quiet types, he seems to act a lot more open. He spent a lot of time with Xion during Days, and kept her level-headed about who she really was, even ultimately helping her choose her own fate within the Organization. And he was a close ally of Namine in order to restore Sora's memories, and even tried to keep Namine from telling Roxas about who he is to both protect her and Roxas from the Organization.

    0_0 So, I'm positive Riku would go for a quiet, loving type.

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