Is taking a shortened schedule senior year look bad for college?

Next year I am going to be a senior, and I only have 3 more classes that are required for me to take, and I have already taken 3.5 years of arts/electives. Next year I will also be taking AP Calculus, which is not required (so I will take 4 classes, instead of 7 like a regular schedule would be. Of these 4, two are AP, and the other two are regular core classes, none are electives.

I go to a private school, and this program of only coming half the day is called PSP, and it is a less expensive tuition plan, which is really beneficial to me. Also, in the time that I would be in school (in a study hall) I'm actually going to get a job and work.

I want to be a nurse and have already taken AP Biology and also am taking another AP class this year (my junior year.)

I went to talk to someone about this today, and she told me colleges do not like to see a shortened schedule. Is this true? I was thinking about applying to UC San Diego, or San Diego State University, to go into nursing (again). Would it be better to take another class (at full tuition:[ ) even if its something like study hall? Or would doing this program be something that will cost my acceptions next year? Does it make it any better to the colleges that I am going to be filling that time with a job, not just sitting at home doing nothing?

Thank you!


BTW, I have had a 4.0 or higher every semester since 8th grade (though I know middle school doesn't count), and a 1670 on my SAT - which I do plan to retake.

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    8 years ago
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    Colleges appreciate taking a full schedule senior year, but they mostly focus on junior and sophomore year. If you get a job and work in your spare time, it probably wouldn't matter much

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