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I might have to get braces, but I don't want them to pull my teeth?

Like the title says I might have to get braces, but I don't want them to pull my teeth out. My top teeth are okay but my bottom teeth are getting cricked and its bothering me. Here's a picture of me teeth, do you think they have to pull my teeth out in order to put braces in ?

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    8 years ago
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    they probably wont have to pull any teeth out so i wouldn't worry

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    8 years ago

    By the image you gave us. You will need an expander to expand your top jaw. It is basically a metal piece that goes on the top and you turn a screw everyday half or full turn and slowly it expands your jaw :) Also you might need elastics but honestly, I wouldn't worry. I have had braces from 12 and elastics aren't as bad as you think they are. The first 1 or 2 days of anything you get new, will hurt and be uncomfortable a bit. What I mean by new is like, when you go in to get the braces adjusted or the wire tightened. You will feel it hurt a little after. Not pain as in getting punched or hit. Its more like just numbing pain, It kind of makes you want to pull your teeth out. But when 2 days or so passes it goes away and you barely fit it is their!! I always thought this is horrible getting an expander because I barely was able to eat for the first day I had it in. I was producing too much saliva, (which is normal) and I couldn't chew good and I was embarrassed to go to school. in 2 days I felt a lot better and forgot about it. Just imagine having a dolphin bionator in your mouth. Search that on Youtube and it looks horrible, its like a double expander/retainer that goes in your whole mouth bottom and top and you can't even talk!! So hope that helped ;) I would definitely encourage you to get braces because they basically change the whole look of your face it your teeth will be nicer :)

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    No I don't think that they will have to pull any of your teeth out.

    They might just give you some form of expander (An expander is a thing they use to make your jaw bigger when it is too small and your teeth bunch up like that. I had to have on on the roof of my mouth. I don't know about the bottom though. It doesn't hurt if you do have to get one)

    I'm not sure. But good luck with braces !!!

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    8 years ago

    Braces are made to straighten your teeth, so I highly doubt that your teeth will need to be pulled out. Unless you have wisdom teeth that need to be pulled then your teeth should be just fine. Trust me Iv'e had braces before and what they do is put wire and brackets on your teeth and pull the wire into place. Each time you go to the orthodontist they tighten your braces so that over time your teeth move into place. Don't worry your teeth might be a little sore, but you won't have to get your teeth pulled(:.

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