How do I make my boyfriend less clingy!?

I know this sounds awful but I'm getting annoyed of talking to him ALL the time. I need my space. He texts me from 6am until midnight and I'm going to freak out. I've tried telling him I'm getting in trouble and that I'm too busy to talk all the time, but he's not backing off. I honestly don't have time because I'm a dancer and I'm in all AP classes but he's not understanding. What do I do? I like him but this is too much :(

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  • 8 years ago
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    Two options:

    1. Ignore him, don't text back, don't give hints, anything. See what he does. Does he text you more often? Does he not text at all? Go ahead, text him later in the day or at night. Ask him how his day was. Don't bring up the fact you ignored him unless he asks. When he does ask say "Look, I've been busy. You really need to let me take care of these things." Or something like that. Now--This can backfire. If you do ignore him, he may just break up with you. But then it's his loss. Move on, and maybe you will get lucky next time.

    2. Tell him what you just asked. Tell him your busy, Tell him to back off. Tell him that you need space, or that you will leave him if he keeps pushing you. Tell him to get out and go do something. Encourage him that you love him and will "TTYL" A simple text saying "Morning Babe, I love you but I will be really busy today. I will talk to you tonight" If he keeps bugging you, just break up with him. If he backs off, it shows he has potential to learn and will take time before he really stops being so clingy.


    Source(s): Personal Experience (Guys POV)
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