Is it a good idea to tell a girl who already has a boyfriend how I feel?

I can't even look at her anymore and I think she knows I ignore her I even went to her party (uninvited, dragged by friends) and she was ok with it and then she sent me a friend request on fb and I replied by thanking her for being cool bout coming uninvited and how I though she forgot about me and she responded with "/" which I assume was to be a ":/" she confuses me as much as I do to her. She seems to care for me too. My friend put in a playful choke hold and she told him to not hurt me even though we were obviously playing and I am much stronger than he is. This friend also has feelings for her and she knows about and he like a best friend to her. So this leads me to think that she is just making options if she ever breaks up, and she also lost her virginity at 13 but if you knew her you would think she never would of lost it that young. She is very pretty and a personality with a guy like humour which I find perfect. She used to flirt with me last year and I was chubby and acne ridden but now that's cleared up and I even toned up my body and when she first met her boyfriend she would look at me while she hugged him. I don't know what to do and it once drived me close to suicide but my heads clear now and I just want to be part of her life again after I had a dream of how we met. It was P.E. and I was tossing Frisbees with the guys and then mine went off course and struck her on the back of the head and split in two. I rushed to ask if she was ok and asked If we could be friends and we pumped knuckles. I just miss her :'(

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Its a personal decision, honestly i wouldnt because its not fair or respectful to their relationship.

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