Naruto vs Sasuke Unfair?

i know their not going to anymore but would the fight have been fair? from the beginning sasuke had the sharingan as a child which made allowed him to execel in the basics of ninja making it 10 times easier for him among normal children. where as naruto had the 9 tails which made all of the basics 100 times harder. so point sasuke. they were bought trained by kakashi but he spent more time training sasuke than naruto so point sasuke. then they both were trained by one sannin so no points. sasuke has a huge range of jutsu were naruto only has a few so point sasuke. itachi and nagato considered each other equals so no points. naruto trained in sage mode which is no match for MS. sasuke used his MS alot untill he got EMS. while naruto was training to control the 9 tails. BUT we all know that sasuke can enter peoples minds and see whats inside them. and while doing this he could control the 9 tails after he tells obito to extract it. so in the end Sasuke could come out as the winner all because of his kekkei genkai. naruto had to build up his power from nothing where as sasuke had something to make everything a lot easier. can you really say this is fair

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    8 years ago
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    No, it's definitely fair. I like Sasuke better, but I'm pretty sure now that Naruto's chances of winning are higher.

    Naruto originally had all of this pent up potential that went unused because he was busy clowning around at the fact he was a social reject. Then, his training becomes even harder because Orochimaru seals the 9 Tail's chakra away so he can't access it. Jiraiya breaks this seal, and that is when Naruto's abilities sky-rocket and he starts to near Sasuke's level.

    While society rejects Naruto, Sasuke rejects society. Sasuke has always had something to work for, where Naruto had one single goal.

    Sasuke's goal was to impress his father and look better compared to Itachi. This drove him to mastering the fire-ball jutsu.

    Sasuke's next goal was to avenge his clan by killing Itachi. This drove him to a series of massive events that concluded in Itachi's death and gaining Mangekyou.

    Sasuke's next goal was to avenge Itachi, and destroy the Leaf Village. This drove him to achieving Eternal Mangekyou.

    Naruto's goal is one grand finale of a goal, which percentages of completion are a lot smaller than Sasuke's in the grand scheme of things. Because of this, Naruto's skills don't pick up until the middle of the series.

    Naruto gains various different bodily ascensions, as opposed to Sasuke's eyes evolving. Naruto achieves complete Sage mode, something Jiraiya could not achieve. Naruto then achieves 9Tails Sage Mode. So now, with the ability to control his tailed beast, Naruto has the advantage over Sasuke. Naruto has his own chakra on top of the immense pool of chakra the tailed beast has, which allowed him to reach speeds near the 4th hokage's.

    Sasuke has eternal use of his Mangekyou. This means he is able to spam Susanoo and Amaterasu a lot. Or anything else his new Mangekyou may have.

    Sasuke had massive difficulties with only Susanoo and Amaterasu against Killer B, who had the ability to control his Tailed Beast. Naruto on the other hand, is not only able to control his, but use it to acquire an advanced ascension of Sage Mode.

    So unless they show some improvement in Sasuke's over-all abilities, instead of just his eyes, it's looking like this

    Naruto's speed is greater than Sasuke's speed.(Naruto is the fastest person since his father, being able to dodge the Raikage's attack).

    Naruto's strength in Sage mode is greater than Sasuke's strength. (Naruto could kill one Path in one hit).

    Naruto's chakra amount is higher than Sasuke's.(Sasuke only has the chakra contained by his being, Naruto has the chakra of a chakra beast on top of his own).

    So here we see Sasuke is out-matched in all aspects. His Mangekyou is probably on par with regular Sage mode because it adds a variety of a long ranged arsenal and defense, where as Sage mode is a close ranged amplifier.

    Unless Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyou shows a new ability, he won't stand a chance. And even then, all Sasuke has been doing is advancing the state of his eyes, and leaving his other capabilities that would make him a rounded fighter, moderately low. Sasuke may also have advantage over Naruto in fighting tactics.

  • curi
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    4 years ago

    Naruto definatly. I am a fundamental fan and have read all of it up to the place it's now. Naruto has better intensions and under no circumstances gives up. When it rather issues, naruto will definatly win. Sasuke would best do what he did through making use of orochimarus energy while naruto went and discovered a whole bunch of powers with his possess strenght like sage mode or his rasen-shudiken. Even sasukes eyes are from itachi. Naruto is a character that i appreciate and seem up to.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    First off sasuke is nowhere close to being as strong as naruto....naruto has mastered the sage mode which even jaraiya couldn't master he has master kurama's/kyubi's chakra which he can combined with his own chakra....naruto is shown to be even faster than the raikage nd the only person shown to be even as fast or faster his naruto's dad the fastest shinobi to ever live.....naruto comes from the uzumaki clan which is known for having immense chakra and life force which is why naruto can heal from wounds that take people months to be healed in a day or two.....naruto got some extra chakra from all the other tailed beast and naruto has the rasengan.....which can be evolved over and over again......then there's sasuke that has susanoo which is very powerful defense but not strong enough against naruto's strength.....he a also has the magkekyo sharingan that has amazing genjutsu abilities and has the ability to create the infinite fire called the Amaterasu....sasuke is strong but naruto???

  • l
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    8 years ago

    If anything I actually think Naruto has a slight edge right now, but they're both so powerful that no matter what that would be a hard fight that neither of them would escape unharmed.

    Who said they weren't going to fight? Sasuke isn't good now, he's just protecting the village so that Itachi didn't sacrifice himself for nothing. It doesn't mean he's returning to Konoha or that he won't fight Naruto. They have serious unfinished business, why does everything think that plot point should just magically drop off the face of the earth because Sasuke is going to fight Madara?

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  • 6 years ago

    To be honest it looks like sasuke is stronger right now i mean he just obtained the rinnegan and sharingan,and we all know how powerful the rinnegan is.As well as that he was able to control all of the tailed beasts just by glancing at them, Sasuke has unlocked new powerful abilities. Naruto has only got stronger a bit thats it he may be fast but now so is sasuke.

  • 8 years ago

    Naruto has a lot more chakra than Sasuke does so if they were in a really long fight Naruto would turn out to be the winner. That's only if they have a long fight but I'm pretty sure that Sasuke would win because of his sharigan

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  • 8 years ago

    I say Sasuke is stronger. The totsuka blade and sacred yata mirror should have came with Itachi's eyes. If so, Sasuke's strength gets a considerable boost. The sharingan can suppress/control nine-tails. Granted, sasuke isn't as good as madara, but he should be able to impair naruto's ability to use Kurama's chakra to some degree. Naruto can't use both sage mode and Kurama's power at the same time. He needs to pick one and abandon the other, as there is simply no time to switch between the two in the midst of battle unless he prepares before-hand. So let's go with his new nine tails form. He has incredible speed and power, but Sasuke doesn't have to move at all to defend himself because susano'o allows him to stay in one spot. Sasuke can freely control the shape of the ameterasu. Recently we've seen that he can utilize both simultaneously. He can shield himself and attack with the flames. With both, Naruto can't touch him.

  • 8 years ago

    Yeah, Naruto definately has a slight edge. Sasuke's genjutsu isn't itachi's firstly. And Naruto, if he was going all out, could spam rasen shurikans in kyuubi mode and easily beat sasuke, not to mention he is 1000x faster, has tailed beast bomb, rasen planet, etc.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You can also let them know about your views on Naruto vs Sasuke Fight after the 4th Great Ninja war and who will win.

  • 8 years ago

    Narutos actually stronger imo. Naruto has so many OP jutsus, plus when Naruto completely controls the ninetails, this **** wont work anymore lol

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