How often do you encounter a bathroom stall hook that is broken or missing?

I'm doing consumer research for a school design project and am looking to find out how often you come across bathroom stall hooks that are missing or broken, and what your thoughts and opinions on the matter are?


I would especially love feedback from men and people who are alter-abled! So far I only have feedback from able bodied women, and I really want to be able to make a design that's accessible for everyone!

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  • Ashlyn
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    8 years ago
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    Everyday at my school, but mine is run-downs and over 40 years old since last repaired. Whenever I come across a broken or missing bathroom hook in my school it reminds me of the inadequacy of the building and how awfully money is spent. For instance, recently $4000 were spent to buy unnecessary flat screen TVs for the cafeteria just to display school news which are hardly looked at instead of using the money to repair the bathrooms or provide mirrors. My advice for your project is to make sure not to spend too much on flashy things, but then forget the necessities.

  • Pretty often--lots of times the same ones but many different ones. It kind of feels like the people managing the building don't care so much about that...but it's annoying. You only have a couple stalls that you can actually use in some places.

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