Vacation hold for Internet connection!?

I have been told that I cannot put my internet connection on vacation hold for six months.

This problem leaves me no alternative but to stop my service for internet.

I have to pay a penalty of $400.00 dollars to disconnect this service and return the equipment!

I spend part of my time in Arizona for the Winter season (snow bird) and the rest of (Summer) in California.

My monthly bill would be $60.00 dollars with no usage at all!

Therefore my bill would be $360.00 dollars for no usage at all on your Network!

My problem is $400.00 dollars in cancellation fees verses $360.00 dollars of usage fees.

Given this scenario is there any way to put my service on Vacation hold?

I presently have dish TV services in both Arizona and California. If this cannot be fixed I will Have to look for other choices for Internet and TV services!!

Any help solving this problem would be appreciated.

Jerry Montgomery


Cell # 707-295-7943

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    So why have you sen this to me? I do not run your connection. Nor does anyone else here, I asked all thousands of them. Contact your ISP. But quite honestly since you have obviously totally disregarded the terms of service you agreed to as a legally binding contract when you signed up I doubt they will have any time for you. And id you show blatant disregard for the contract they may blacklist you so you can not get another provider.

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