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why are guys so cruel?

I have known this guy a while. he's a 26 year old policeman. we have a few friends in common and that's how we met. when we are out he texts me something like 'having a good night' or 'not talking' even though we are in the same room or standing near each other. He has never admitted he likes me or anything like that. The closest he’s ever got is calling me ‘hot’. but when I use to text him while he was working nights he would always text back and tell me to keep safe and not walk home alone. we did sleep together soon afterwards but we haven't kissed or done anything sincel. I get messages from him like 'where are you now im horny/randy', 'I’d love to f**k you again' 'do you suck c**k', 'when am i going to get another kiss' or ’free house??’ and he called me 'hot and tight'. sometimes while he was drunk but also when he was sober i'd get those messages. but I’m really confused because he also asked me one night on facebook 'so what do you like about me' and 'you must fancy me then so' while he was drunk and another night sober. he sends me messages asking me am I 'up for a drive' and asking me up to his place which is located outside town. he was really nasty with me on facebook a few weeks ago just because I sent him a few text messages while we were out. he never even bothered to respond to any of them. he didn't even want to talk to me even though he asked me earlier that day was i going out that night. on facebook the next day he said he didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore and when I suggested we stop talking when we see each other he said 'sounds good' and he also said 'I don’t want anything to happen with us again basically blunt but true'. im really hurt over it. Just a few days after that incident he deleted me from his facebook account again but this time he blocked me. that's the 2nd time he removed me he unfriended me but didn't block me the 1st time. i think it was because he asked me to kiss him the night i sent him the text messages i said no and he threw me a dirty look and walked off. but i heard from my friend that he does or did like me a lot and spoke about me all the time. i heard this from someone else too that he speaks about me a lot. so if he likes me why does he treat me so bad and ignore me? i got a bit drunk a few weeks ago and text him which i really regret. he didn't text me back. he seems very moody and has a split personality. have i done something to annoy him?? he was interested in a friends with benefits kind of thing but i was the one who suggested it to him. is it my fault?? i bumped into him at the weekend and i just blanked him completely and acted like he wasnt even there. was that the right thing to do or am i just acting as bad as he is??

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