Is €4250 (gross) a month enough to live in Germany?

You need to consider €800-€1000 as rent for an apartment and a good car (BMW series 3) not really cheap to mantain (the distance from home to work is 20 km).


Yes, the net should be around 2000-2200 euro:

Tax on wages (unmarried/no children) -1000

Solidarity tax -55,00

Old age insurance -450,00

Unemployment insurance contibution -70,00

Company retirement fund -100,00

Health insurance -400,00

My question is about moving to the German State of Hesse. Need to understand if it's not worth the trouble.

Update 2:

Regarding the Health insurange question: it's based on the statutory health insurance system. With the private one, could I save more on tax? Is your 4000 salary gross or net?

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    8 years ago
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    It should be more than enough, even with your expensive apartment and car.

    The average wage here in Germany is 2600 Euro, and there are plenty of people who have to get by on less. I earn at lot less than 4000 Euros and I still feel like I could throw money out of the window with both hands and still have something left over at the end of the month.

    Out of curiosiry: Where did you get the numbers you posted in the details? They seem sorta high to me, especially the taxes (don't now about the insurances, since you didn't mention if you'll be insured privately or not).

  • Jens
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    8 years ago

    It's enough for what you're up to.

    Is the car already paid off? if not, then you might not be able to build up big savings with it.

    800-1000€ in rent with a 20km commute sounds excessive. That's a price for a city center apartment, so i don't see where the 20km commute come from then. Or it's a price for a city outskirt apartment large enough for two people.

    "With the private one, could I save more on tax?"

    A private one is cheaper on the short term, but on the long run the statutory one is cheaper, it can be supplemented with an additional private one.

    Private health insurance tends to increase sharply in price as one grows older, and from a certain point on one won't be admitted into the statutory one again if one cannot afford the private one anymore.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, it will be enough, you will survive, but you won't be able to save much.

    When I lived in Germany I was paid around 1,600 a month after tax and I barely saved anything. It was enough for a small apartment in a nice area, clothes, food, eating out once or twice a week and flights to and from the UK a few times a year but that was about it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    that is before taxes after taxes you have around euro 2000 the mentioned amount is an average the precize amount is not allowed to tell to you

    you would be cheaper when go by bike or with public transport to your work

    you should bhave an insurrance for the car

    and also the following costs

    health insurrance

    local taxes

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  • 8 years ago

    I say it is quite sufficient.

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