So, my landlord says he will take me to court...?

We moved 2 months ago into a rental home. It is 1700.00 a month. We paid first and last Month's rent plus an application fee of 50.00 before moving in (4050.00 total including pet fee). I was offered a job here that my prospective landlord verified before I ever even met him in person. Well, I ended up not getting the job that he verified. I was 3 days late on my rent payment the second month I was there. He told me "if its going to be late next month, consider that your thirty day notice and you won't have to pay that month since it will be your last just have to move out." He repeated the same thing to my husband. So, considering that we can't pay it on just my husband's income and it would be late again, we took him at his word and decided to move out. I have had to file for food stamps and Medicaid because I have three kids. My youngest daughter had to have surgery to remove several lymph nodes in October and has some new ones that may have to be removed as well. I am trying to deal with her health and find a job all around all this. On top of all this, my landlord made me feel VERY uncomfortable a time or two. He mentioned to me that he grows marijuana I the garden at his house and told me that he used to steal produce when he lived in California. He also came and cussed me out in front of my kids when we told him we were moving out. He came into my house (well, his house that I am renting) without permission on three occasions while I was home twice and while I wasn't home once. He says I I don't pay him another 1600.00 that he will take me to court and garnish my husband's pay. That he will own our mini van and that my husband will go to jail. What can I do?? I don't have 1600.00 to pay him. I don't have any way to get it. I don't know what to do!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Call his bluff here and tell him that your Lawyer advised you to go ahead and go to court as he cannot legally do this at all. Just document anything he has ever said or done since you moved in in case he does go to Court. I seriously doubt he will as you have too much against him and he will be in legal trouble over this. the most he can do is start an eviction claim against you for paying rent late but thats all. hes extorting you for more money which is illegal at this point so tell him to go ahead and that youll meet him in court and that the Judge would love to hear about his business ethics here. Good luck

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    Hi Helen, Oh boy would i've some enjoyable with this fool. So that you left the tenancy early, oh wow that`s particularly naughty I DON`T consider! Ok so its a civil matter in small claims court. Don`t panic. The behavior of your landlord is a different topic: stressful money with threats is a crook offence. Document it to the police. It's a legal requirement that the owner furnish you with an fashioned replica of the tenancy contract detailing rent frequency of cost and stipulations and so forth. No matter what he does, he can't preclude you from working or getting a job. If he says some thing unhealthy about you it's slander, even supposing it's actual on account that it is malicious. At original legislation, the owner ought to keep the constructing and habits repairs in a reasonable and timely manner. He are not able to enter your flat with out your permission while you might be in occupation. He are not able to flip up when he feels adore it to acquire the rent. If he has now not given it to you already, ask for receipts for all repayments that you've made, you are legally entitled to it. It's fundamental to report the threats to the police. Then if he contacts you again tell him you're going to see him in court. He gained`t go although. Incidentally contact the Inland income and tell them he`s probably warding off tax with the aid of taking money most effective payments. When you make the report to the police tell them sure you do wish to press expenses. The court will love this guy!!

  • LILL
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    8 years ago

    Your problems should NEVER become your landlords problems. He is running a business...NOT a charity. You owe the rent and you know it. If you signed a lease, you owe for the full duration of the lease. He does NOT need permission to come to the house. He may, depending on your state laws, need permission to enter the dwelling...but not the outside property.

    He can not send your husband to jail, but he can garnish your wages and place a lien on your car if you owe back rent or broke your lease.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you are out and you techically paid him the 3 months rent then youre' clear. If not you need to move out and get him whatever balance you still owe as quickly as possible. The worst thing to do is stay there and not pay.

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  • Tony
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    8 years ago

    he can't do anything

    just be out in the time you have to be

    and don't rent something you can't pay for

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    just tell him to back off or you will tell the cops he grows pot At his house

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