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Girls only!!! Help about a tampoon.?

So I just put one in and it feels weird! I put it in all the way until it touched my skin, and when I pushed it in it felt REALLY akward. I'm also scared to pull it out. Is it going to hurt?? It's my first time using one. I was thinking I will take it out in 4 or 2 hours. PLEASE HELP!

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    That is totally normal if it is your first time. It just takes practice. Maybe try a smaller tampon, try the playtex gentle glide slender. Go to wetalktoGIRLZlike you for more information. It really helped me.

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    Yeah it takes some practice before you figure out how to put them in comfortably. Don't take it out right away because it'll be dry and hurt. Wait some time or pour some water in it so it isn't dry.

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    You might not have put it in right because when you put out in your not suppose to feel it inside you. And mine didn't hurt taking it out the first time it might a little though.

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