WHAT IS PRESSURE?howit is formed?

what is pressure?

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    Pressure is not formed, it is applied. Push your hands together, you just put pressure on both of your palms. Balloons have pressure because the air inside the balloon is pushing on the plastic lining to get out, creating pressure.

    Pretty much, pressure is when a gas is compressed (or put into a smaller container). It is formed when a gas is forced into a smaller area.

    I’m in highschool and my friend in AP Chemistry started a website and a youtube channel to help guide people through chemistry from the day they walk in to the day they leave the class. He’s pretty good at explaining things and has a great explanation these kinds of problems here :


    under his “Gases Galore I“ page (He also makes complementary videos posted there in case you don’t like to read haha)

    Not only can he help you on this topic, but chemistry in general. The site’s pretty user friendly and worth a look! If you leave a question on any of his videos he’ll make a video response to guide you through how he did it pretty quick. Hope he helps!

    His YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Chemizzles

    His Site : http://chemizzle.blogspot.com/

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    Pressure = Force/Area.

    It is the algebraic summation of all forces acting on a area.

    Force may be due to different source, it may be due to weight, or it may be due to rate of change of momentum etc.

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    is the force acting perpendicularly per unit area.

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