can you get into grad school with lots of W grades?

I am a university senior and my gpa is slightly above 3.00 and I have already scored high on both the GRE and LSAT (90th percentile).....the negative thing is that i have an excessive amount of W grades on my transcript from personal illness and extrenuating familial issues. My advisor told me today that even with my gpa above 3.00 and a good GRE or LSAT score, that I have no chance at graduate school, because she said that even those with 3-4 W grades they wont even read their application. How true is this about W's because I have a great deal but for bonafide reasons that were beyond my control.

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  • a2gal
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    8 years ago
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    it totally depends on the school. some may look at the W's and turn you away outright while others will give you a chance and look into why the W's are there. withdrawing from classes certainly hurts your chances of getting into grad school but i think it's still possible.

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