my gf thinks that i only want her 4 her body?

she saids that when she gets her period, suddenly i a m super distant and cold and i don't touch her as much. but when she is not then i am always all over her and making funny jokes. i don't understand wat i am supposed to do about that? i think she is just being insecure.


typical fireshad, didn't read the small print =l

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    Nobody can do anything about the way another person, or other people feel about them, and see and describe them. If the person being complained about, tries to fix everything and tries to be what another person wants them to be, things will just get worse because nobody can twist themselves upside-down, inside-out, under and over, or around or about, thousands of complaints just to try and fix what someone else thinks is wrong with them. So, the best thing the moaned at person can do is: take their attention away from the other persons complaints about themselves because the complainers gripes are about themselves. In other words, when your gf complains about you, she is complaining about herself, and when you complain about your gf, you are complaining about yourself. For example, it isn't you who doesn't like your gf's body, it is your gf who doesn't like her body and it is herself which is feeling distant and cold towards herself. So, for you to make things real in your life then the next time your gf mentions her body and that you are distant and cold, it would pay for you to tell her that you love her and in the same breathe tell her that if she doesn't like her body then there is no reason to accuse you of it because you love, or like her body. Additionally, if she says that you are cold and distant toward her then recorrect her phrasing and tell her that she is wrong about you and continue to tell her that if she feels cold and distant from you then do not accuse you of being cold and distant from her because you feel warm and close to her, and love her or whatever, too.

    Source(s): Abraham Hicks
  • 8 years ago

    Keep trying to reassure her.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    lol arnt u ghhey mang. no offense :}

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