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What science classes to take in high school if planning to be a surgeon or doctor?

Should I take anatomy or chemistry sophmore year?

This is my high school plan

9th grade- Biology

10th grade- Anatomy OR chemistry

11th grade- Physics

12th grade- AP Biology

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    You will need to take biology, chemistry, and physics in college as part of your pre-med requirementsin college so it will help you to get at least these three in high school. If there is room in your schedule, you might want to double up during your junior and senior year. For example, 11th grade: honors physics and AP chemistry. 12th grade: AP physics and AP biology.

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    Take chemistry- I think for universities you're required to take chemistry

    I would do this instead:

    9th - AP biology

    10th - chemistry (AP if your school offers it)

    11th - physics (AP if your school offers it)

    12th- anatomy (honors or ap anatomy if your school offers it)

    If you're really serious about becoming a doctor you need to take honors or AP in the science field. Also taking honors math classes is important too. It won't be easy, but if that's what you really want to do you need to be willing to work incredibly hard

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    You definitely want to take Chemistry, and AP Chemistry if possible. Chemistry is just as relevant to medicine as biology, if not more.

    I'd recommend doing Biology freshmen year, Chemistry sophomore year, AP Biology and AP Chemistry during junior/senior year (I'd recommend AP Chem first but it doesn't matter really). If you really want to take Anatomy and Physics, take them in addition to the above courses, doubling up on science during one or two years.

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