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Does this boy like me?

I have one class with him and its Math today we were doing a worksheet with Harry Potter and I haven't seen any of the movies or read any of the books. I said that to my friend Christine and then the boy Elliott said wow and then like looked at me and smiled. In the hallway we were walking together and all of the sudden he said quit throwing shoulders and he keeps teasing me. We were Partners and he was all sweet and kind considering it was a who's taller assignment type thing. i'm 5'2 and he is almost 6 foot. At this school event we were all in a group it was him me and about 8 other people. and I had ice cream that I was sharing with my friend Aubrey and Emilie. He asked me to buy him some and I said no since I was broke but that was at the end of the whole event. During when we were all messing around I was on crutches so I had to sit down. He sat next to me and the whole time he just kept looking at me and staring.... It was kind of awkward.

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