What is The Molar Mass Of Hemoglobin?!!!!!!?

If 0.0215g of hemoglobin ( a protein which transports oxygen to cells in the body) is dissolved in water at 5℃ to make 0.00150 L of solution , and the osmotic pressure is measured and found to be 4.75*10^-3 atm, then what is the molar mass of hemoglobin???


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    4 years ago

    You already asked this question... and that i already responded it, even nevertheless suitable right here you flow returned: To get molar mass, we desire mass/moles. we are given the mass (9.50g) and adequate counsel relating to the gas to apply suited gas regulation to get the style of moles. suited gas regulation is PV=nRT. Rearrange to clean up for style of moles, n: n = PV/RT Given: P = 1418.35 torr V = 3.fifty 3 L T = 12.8 C = 285.95 ok Wikipedia was once type adequate to present day the suited gas consistent, R, in the right products: R = 62.3637 torr*L/(mol*ok) Plugging in the values we detect, n = 0.297 mol Molar mass, M, is mass / moles, so M = 9.50 g/0.297 mol M = 32.0 g/mol (to 3 sig.Figs.)

  • 8 years ago

    osmotic pressure π is = iMRT where i = van't Hoff factor (here that is = 1), M is molarity; R is the gas constant, and T is the temperature in K

    4.75x10^-3 atm = (1)(0.082)(M)(278)

    M = 4.75x10^-3/(1)(0.082)(278)

    M = 2.08x10^-4 moles/L

    Then 2.08x10^-4 moles/L = x moles/0.0015 L

    x = 3.12x10^-7 moles

    0.0215 gm/3.12x10^-7 moles = 6.89x10^4 = 68900 g/mole

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