Please help. Whats the deal with him?

So my brothers bestfriend is a little under two years older than me. I overheard him asking my brother "Would you let any of your friends date your sister next year?" and he told me "I better not see you talking to any boys next year." (We aren't in the same school yet.) Someone went on his ask fm and said "Aye whats -brothers name here- sister name? She's fine af" and his response was "Dont worry about it, you used the word 'aye' therefore too ghetto to talk to her." then the anonymous person asked "Why are you worried about who talks to her?" and his answer was "Because I watch out for her." thenanonymous said "Ha whatever, I'm still gonna 'smash' her." and he said "Then you're gonna get your a$$ kicked. What's your name?" anonymous said "I'll tell you my name if you give me hers" and my brothers friend said "no". lol. All my friends think we're gonna end up dating. My friend and I went to a baseball game and he kept looking at me after every pitch. Then there were like awkwardly long eye contacts. Is he just being the big brother? Or something more?

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  • 8 years ago

    You don't say your age but I am guessing around 13, 14? And the boy is 15, 16? Sounds like he's flirting with you. It's not much in years but it's a big gap of maturity - a good idea to wait till you're in the same school and see how you feel.

    Your brother is being protective, that's a good thing!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hs trying to protect you from ruining your life by getting preggerz.

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